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Harrisonburg Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Specialist

Dusty carpets, discolored brick walls, and leaks are just a few of the common problems to always keep track in maintaining a good and healthy home. However, there’s so much happening in our lives that we sometimes aren’t able to do carpet cleaning.
Hiring a professional cleaning service is a good option in this case. But why do we need to keep our carpet clean on a consistent basis and allow only the professionals to do the job for us?

Why carpet cleaning is a must?

We’ve incorporated a list of a few things to consider
• Carpets sitting for a long time without cleaning may incur unwanted odor accumulation
• Mites, bugs, and bacteria that trigger allergies and molds like to live and grow in our unclean carpets
• Cleaning them prolongs the life and appearance
• Clean carpets boosts the appearance of the room
• Clean carpets are hygienic

Why should we hire a professional cleaning instead of doing it ourselves?

• Proper and professional cleaning helps restore carpet
• Carpet drying is tricky and requires professionals to do the job properly
• Ruined padding and scratched tiles are the result of cleaning it ourselves
• Some chemicals are dangerous to our lungs especially if we don’t have the proper equipment and materials

These are a lot of reason to restore carpet and keep them clean as well, but with all of the carpet cleaning companies to choose from, we get confused as to who is the best. In checking a good carpet cleaning service, we should scrutinize them. The checklist below can help us in deciding.

✔ Company experience
✔ Good company reviews
✔ Extensive cleaning methods and equipment
✔ Takes care of our furniture and floor
✔ Guaranteed excellent work
✔ Certification and Insurance

Want to know what company completes the checklist above and exceeds our expectation in carpet cleaning? The solution is Spotless Cleaning and Restoration services.

Why Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration?

While competition is at its finest, Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration is not like other ordinary cleaning services out there. Some offer professional cleaning and restore carpet at a low price, but doesn’t guarantee a great customer-experience that really does what it says in advertisements. Only Spotless can make our carpet look good while increasing their life. Another thing worth mentioning is their ability to greatly improve our indoor air quality (IAQ) because of their extensive carpet cleaning.

Integrating the Latest Technology

Spotless boasts their first class services in carpet cleaning. Integrating the newest technology for this service, Spotless uses Butler Truck Mount cleaning system for it. Butler Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning system allows the team to dry at maximum temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit and gives the maximum extraction, enabling them to dry properly and quickly. This system is paired with their latest and cleaning solution in the market of carpet cleaning. Another service to offer in carpet cleaning is the Cimex Encapsulation low-moisture cleaning system. But to ensure that only the applicable solution is applied, certified technicians will assess the problem to determine the suitable cleaning method

Also, we shouldn’t worry about rising power usage – they use their own power and water supply upon initiation of the service. For each carpet, the spots are individually asses and treated to apply an appropriate solution for it. Moreover, they produce promising carpet cleaning without any soapy residue that can be felt and visible at our carpets. It is because they cleanse it deep, accurately, and quickly.

A Quality Customer Experience

Prior to the carpet cleaning, Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration assure a quality customer experience. The team takes care of our furniture by removing them in one area or placed in blocks. Also, pads are used to avoid stains while in the process of cleaning.

While Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration use only the state-of-the-art Technology for all of their services, their main goal is to exceed our expectations through professional cleaning. That is why we are assured of a quality service at a reasonable price.

What more can we ask with the professional cleaning services of Spotless? Why not try it to see it for yourself!

Where to find Spotless Specialty Carpet Cleaning

Have questions for Spotless? Email them at Spotless can also be contacted at: 540-434-1292. They are currently located at 116 Charles St. Harrisonburg, VA 22802. They even offer services in Rockingham and Augusta County.

Other services offered

Spotless does not only have a professional cleaning team for carpet cleaning. They also offer a 24-hour emergency water removal, and cleaning using pressure washing for Harrisonburg, VA and Rockingham Country, VA. All of our home problems with just a single company.

Spotless is professionally ready with any issues which applied Water Extraction or Water Removal services. They also use Butler Truck Mount Extraction System, thermal Image technology, and moisture meters to locate and solve hidden moisture problems. Also, they use intricate drying through their Dehumidification equipment.

While Pressure Washing uses the truck-mounted machine to remove the permanent stains and even molds from various kinds of surfaces like wood, vinyl, brick, and aluminum. A real brand new look even through years of dirt build up.

Different from others

Looking for professional cleaning services may be hard and critical. Other cleaning services can somewhat clean our carpets, but in an unprofessional manner. What’s worse is that they can even ruin the appearance and functionality of our carpets by their toxic chemicals. In other cases, we can be scammed and whatnot. We should only look for the trustworthy people who’ll handle their tasks professionally and in an efficient manner.

As you can see, Spotless does not only care for our carpets, but for our feedbacks as well.

Wrapping it up

If we are looking for a professional and quality carpet cleaning experience in Harrisonburg, VA or Rockingham Country, VA, Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration Services are our first choice. We shouldn’t let other sub-par cleaning services to ruin our precious carpets and stick only to the sure spotless clean services.


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