Emergency Water Extraction and Remediation

Harrisonburg’s Emergency Water Extraction Specialist

All property owners regardless of the number of buildings that they have in their portfolio would need to have a list of numbers at the ready which they can call at a moment’s notice. The locksmith, plumber, local law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue services, cleaning agencies, and insurance companies are all crucial entities that you can contact. More often than not, renovators, roofing contractors, and restoration agencies tend to be an afterthought. Hence, when there is a situation that needs to be handled, you might end up scrambling all over the place to hunt for a number. High pressure moments that require urgent attention might lead you to make a bad decision or even getting ripped off. Hence, it is best to have the contact of Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration just in case your property experiences water damage due to a flooded basement or broken pipe, and needs to be restored. After all, you can never tell just when disaster is going to strike, and water removal needs to happen as soon as possible in order to minimize the amount of damage.

Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration will work alongside you and your insurance agent in carrying out full restoration services so that the issues at hand can be resolved as quickly as possible. Having the experience and expertise to meet any kind of home-based water emergency, there is no shortage of equipment to leave you floundering with a flooded basement on a cold, dark night. We own a Butler truck mount extraction system, thermal image technology and moisture meters that are fully capable of picking out any areas of moisture that remain hidden from the naked eye, including those that are behind walls or under subfloors, in addition to an entire collection of drying and dehumidification equipment that comprise of professional air movers and dehumidifiers that offer both drying speed and efficiency. Special technology and advanced drying techniques are also used to monitor the entire drying process, while past experience allows us to know the right kind of equipment to use in handling the situation.

A flooded basement due to a broken pipe or even a natural disaster such as a flood can lead to property damage if it is not handled the right way. Hence, the water or removal process is a crucial first step to take in such situations as it will do away with most of the water from your abode or property. A water damage restoration job will greatly reduce the amount of drying time and in the process, reduce the risk of secondary water damage and any form of mold growth. It is also important for you to move out your current belongings or those of your tenant’s in the event where there is a need for a comprehensive restoration or extensive cleaning exercise.

While waiting for us to arrive on-site, there are some steps which our clients can take to help manage the situation. Unless it is a flood situation, try to turn off the water at its source if possible. It is also imperative to turn off all power outlets and the main fuse box, while removing other small, portable appliances from areas that have excess water.

This will ensure that the risk of being electrocuted or ruining your precious coffee maker is further reduced. Make sure that you do not suffer from any electric shocks by not making use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the water since such home-based models are not designed to handle such large volumes of liquid.

If possible, avoid walking in areas where the carpet is wet, since it will make it more difficult to clean up the carpet afterwards as well. To the best of your ability, remove any small furniture from carpeted areas, and for larger sized furniture that cannot be moved or transferred, ensure that the furniture legs are covered with some aluminium foil in order to prevent the permanent rust of furniture stains from developing.

Whatever curtains or draperies that are in the affected area should also be hung up, while making sure that furniture skirts avoid any kind of contact with the water. Other fragile items that are sensitive to moisture and high value belongings should also be removed from the flooded area, as well as other items that have the possibility of leaving stains on the floor coverings. More often than not, our clients forget to check under their beds and furniture which tend to be the hiding place of many a forgotten item.

Also, do not turn on ceiling fans or the air conditioning system by thinking that the surrounding area will be able to dry faster, since the flow of air could help spread contamination to the rest of the house and its furniture, assuming the situation is connected to a sewage malfunction. Personal hygiene should take on a higher degree of importance during such moments, so make sure that your hands are properly washed and sanitized after handling items damaged by water.

Water extraction or removal are not the only services that we offer, as we are also well positioned to deliver carpet cleaning and pressure washing services. Any flooded home with carpets would surely require a good round of carpet cleaning, and we know how to bring life back to your damaged carpet — which will improve the indoor air quality as well. All this will be done without any messy soapy residue left behind, offering deep cleaning power and a fast drying process.

Available round the clock, we will be there to offer you assistance and help on a personal level whenever disaster hits. Our team of technicians will work with you and your insurance agent, adhering to IICRC standards in order to make sure whether there is a real need to replace the carpet and flooring, or is a restoration process alone enough. The after effects of a flooded basement should not be taken lightly, since that might also spark off other problems such as mold or mildew. Think of water removal or water extraction, think of Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration.


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