Mold Remediation

Harrisonburg’s Mold Removal Specialist

Mold is a bane for any property owner, and steps ought to be taken to prevent the growth of mold before it gets out of hand. It does not matter whether mold is right in your home, or if you are renting out your property to someone else — it is a problem that should be tackled upon detection while taking the necessary preventive steps so that it does not occur in the future.

As mold creeps along quietly it happens to be rated as one of the worst contaminants known and is easily overlooked in homes. Sporting a high degree of resilience, mold has the ability to grow indoors as long as the conditions are right: wet or damp surfaces are major factors in encouraging mold growth, and this can comprise of numerous places around the home. Among these include every home’s staple, the wallpaper, but mold does not discriminate against damp ceiling tiles, carpets, drywall, wood, and even insulation material. The fact that mold is able to grow within a 48 hour time window makes it all the more alarming. To leave mold growing freely around the home will eventually have a negative effect on your home’s physical structure and more importantly, health issues for the home’s inhabitants. It is highly advisable to contact Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration the moment you come across any signs of mold growing in your home. Even the slightest suspicion of mold growth should not be left to chance since it could develop into something far more serious if left unchecked.

Mold is spread as well as reproduced through the creation of spores. These spores will remain dormant until the condition is perfect for growing. Not only that, the spores tend to be hardy in nature, being able to survive all kinds of conditions regardless of whether it is sunny, hot, cold, or even dry. Released spores will then spread when they are born via channels such as water and air to other locations around the home.

The proliferation of mold under optimal conditions is legendary, as they are able to grow just about anywhere, be it on your foundation, on the roof, in your HVAC system, on the drywall, gutters, and even furnishings. If left to its own devices, mold ends up destroying anything that it grows on, which is why it is important to have at the ready the contact of a reputable and professional mold remediation service provider like Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration.

It does not matter where mold grows, all kinds of molds will have the potential to cause health issues such as a pounding headache, breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, skin irritation, and even aggravation of asthma symptoms. Most of the time, mold does not just pop out of nowhere, as it needs a trigger element to spark growth. It could be due to a leaking pipe somewhere that has not been detected before, or even the aftermath of a flood as the home is not properly dried out through a water removal process.

When making a visual sweep through your property and you come across any dark spots on the ceiling, walls, or floors, then these would signify the presence of mold growth. Other notable signs include musty odors that assault your senses when you open the door to a room, while the presence of mildew is another confirmation. Those who are more sensitive to the presence of mold might find themselves displaying respiratory and allergy symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, having difficulty in breathing, and wheezing. If you experience high humidity levels by noticing condensation on glass and metal surfaces, then these are additional warning signs to take heed of.

It is not recommended that you put on your DIY hat and try to remove mold by yourself since you would not have the proper mold remediation training that our crew has gone through. Tips from the internet such as using bleach could end up causing more damage and problems than solving them. Apart from that, our well-trained crew is expertly versed in the right procedures when it comes to handling mold claims. This would greatly reduce the amount of hassle that you might have to go through if you were to be on your own.

There are some things that are well within the property owner’s ability to curb the situation. For starters, it would help to remedy the ongoing water problem that will most certainly prevent any new mold spores from growing. Once done, keep the contaminated area isolated by closing all doors and windows. More serious cases would require one to cover all available doorways as well as other openings of any kind using 6mm polyethylene sheeting. Follow that up by sealing all of the sheeting’s seams using duct tape. Slip openings in the sheeting in order to enter the contaminated area.

Dust should also be suppressed in order to prevent the spread of mold spores. This can be done by misting the contaminated areas. Other wet and mold-damaged porous materials should also be removed from the vicinity, with all materials placed in plastic bags. Such materials should be thoughtfully discarded in plastic bags that have a minimum thickness of 6mm. Double bag it and tie it up before disposing of it as regular trash.

Other non-porous materials and wood surfaces which have been contaminated by mold should also be cleaned. Make use of a wire brush in order to give all moldy surfaces a nice scrub, before following that up with disposable wipes. For the last step, all moldy surfaces should be scrubbed with a damp cloth and detergent solution, before using clean water to rinse the cleaned surfaces.

Do take note that mold is present all around you in natural surroundings, but it should not be given a foothold in your home. Do take action at the slightest sign or suspicion of mold before it develops into a far larger problem. Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration has the necessary expertise and experience in mold remediation and mold clean up for all types homes in Harrisonburg, VA.